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Best Gifts for 2-3 Year Olds – Bee + Pea Baby

Best Gifts for 2-3 Year Olds – Bee + Pea Baby

The terrific twos and threes!

Tiny humans at this age are hilarious, exuberant, adventurous, frustrating and delightful all at the same time.

They're figuring out a lot about life and about play. My 3 year old is constantly impressing me with just how much he grows and changes every month. 

Gifts for 3 year olds

We want to fill our homes with open-ended toys! Toys that spark creativity and encourage imaginative play! Toys that will grow with our children. Toys that are played with (say it with me) EVERY. DAY. 

We want open-ended toys that grow with our kids.

After all, these toys are an investment, so you want them to last your child years!

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Being open-ended also means your toddler will get many years of happy play from these toys, even after they turn 3.



Our number 1 selling item, and with good reason. It's the starter for many people's wooden toy collection. It's as beautiful as it is fun. 

Grimm's knockoff, grimm's, cheaper grimm's, high-quality wooden toys, affordable wooden toys

Many people buy this for their baby as nursery decor and it grows with them.

Comes in a variety of colors: traditional, natural, monochrome, pastel, sunset

The traditional, pastel, and natural Rainbow is made from very strong beechwood. The monochrome and sunset rainbows are crafted from pinewood, which makes them slightly lighter (and cheaper).

I promise you'll be surprised in all the ways your child plays with this rainbow. It's a puzzle, a house, a cave, a racetrack, animals, and so much more. 

Here are some shapes my son and I recently came up with. 

Large wooden rainbow gift for 2 year old 3 year old


To build the "flat" towers with the rainbow, you'll need the semi-circles. If you want to buy the whole set, we sell The Complete Rainbow Set at a discount! 

Best add-ons to get more play from the rainbow: semi-circles, peg friends, building strips, balls 

Wooden Blocks

Rainbow Blocks, Small Stepped Pyramid, Bee Pea Baby, 100 Blocks

Another new product for us that we're beyond excited about. 

Building blocks are essential for your toddler's toy collection. They're classic. They're open-ended. They're beautiful. 

1 year olds are going to mostly enjoy knocking over towers but at age two and beyond, most toddlers get into building. 

Well beyond toddlerhood and into elementary age, building blocks are so open-ended that they meet your kid right where they are developmentally. 

These are high-quality, hand-me-down-quality blocks that you will get years of usage out of! 

We have two sets of building blocks. 

Building Blocks & Shapes

These are available for pre-order now and will ship in time for Christmas arrival!


Stacking Stones

Rainbow Stacking Gems, Bee Pea Baby, Stacking Stones, Waldorf Toy, USA Based

If my son were to make this list, this would be his #1. He loves to stack them and watch them topple over. Then he makes volcanos out of them that he has explode. These are a great first step for imaginative play! 

Rainbow Stacking Gems, Bee Pea Baby, Stacking Stones, Waldorf Toy, USA Based 

Rainbow Stacking Cups + Balls

Rainbow stacking bowls, wooden balls, bowls and ball set, wooden toy, kids 2 year old, bee pea baby

This set is fun for a few reasons, toddlers enjoy stacking the cups, and they enjoy putting the balls in the different cups.

The balls are also perfect to use for marble runs made out of the large rainbow. 

Save $2 with the bundle. 


Wooden Cars

Wooden Cars, USA, Montessori toy

It must be the bright colors and the wheels, because toddlers loveeeeee these cars.

Wooden Cars

They're fun and they're perfect to add into any imaginary world. Drive them through the tunnel of your rainbow, park them near your rainbow house, or race them down the hall. 


OK, these trees are basically the perfect thing to help my son start to build his imaginary world. They really helped him as a jumping off point for building on his own. He sets them up around a road or around a castle. 

Not to mention, they are really pretty on your shelf (added bonus!) 

These trees are great because they're easy for toddlers to setup themselves (as long as it's not on carpet, they don't stand very well on super fluffy carpet). My son adds them to a road or a castle! 

Season Tree Set

These are so fun! They're pretty and they really take your imaginative world to the next level! 

Seasonal wooden trees, toys for 2 3 year old, bee pea baby

wooden tree set, toy trees, wooden toys

These are available for pre-order and will ship by Christmas! 

Peg Friends

Peg Dolls Rainbow, Bee + Pea Baby

The best part about these is that kids of all ages really do enjoy these little peg friends. 

Peg Friends, Peg Dolls, Rainbow, Pastel, Bee Pea Baby, USA based

My toddlers have had theirs for a long time now and play with them nearly every day. 

Rainbow House

Rainbow Wood House, Gift for 2 year old, gift for 3 year old, Montessori toy, Waldorf toy

This is the first wood "puzzle" I recommend for 2-3 year olds. The house is so cute and it's a great start for imaginative play because it's already is the shape of a house so kids use that as a jumping off point. 

Rainbow Wood House, Gift for 2 year old, gift for 3 year old, Montessori toy, Waldorf toy

It stacks easily to make some fun tunnels and towers! 

Waldorf Balance Board

The Rocker Balance Board 

Rocker Board, USA Shipping, Rocker toy, Toy for 2-3 year old

We're really *really* excited to add the rocker board to our store. It's available for pre-orders only. 

Younger kids will enjoy crawling over it like a bridge and wiggling under it like a tunnel. 

The older they get, the more they enjoy using it as an actual rocker board. They'll rock around and see-saw on it.

But it's so much more than that. It's a bridge; a shop; a fort; a seat; an elephant's back; a tunnel, a kitchen, or anything your kid imagines! 

Or it'll become a part of your imaginative world, as a bridge, tunnel, fort, kitchen, store, or truly anything your child imagines.

They hold up to 225 pounds so moms and dads can rock on it too! They come in 4 options, natural (no felt) gray, blue, or yellow!

rocker board, wobble board, cheap wobble board

These are available for pre-order now and will ship in time for Christmas arrival! 

Toddler Necklaces

Toddler Sensory Necklaces

These are an item that came out of my son wanting to wear a teething necklace like I was wearing for my baby (Teething Necklaces for Moms). He was 2 at the time and still chewed on most items. Enter the fidget necklaces. 

Toddler Elsa Necklace, Elsa gift for toddler, elsa toddler necklace, frozen necklace for toddler

His favorite character is Elsa, so this Frozen-inspired toddler necklace is what I made him. It's been a hit with toddler ever since. 

They're great for kids who just want something fun around their neck (but aren't ready for glass beads!) and they also work great as sensory necklaces!

Toddler Necklace Bee Pea Baby
They allow kids to filter out excess stimulus in their environments and divert extra energy. They can chew them, spin them, or hold them!

Made of 100% food-grade silicone, these are perfectly safe to chew on! And easily cleaned with warm soapy water, or on the top rack of your dishwasher!