Best Gifts for 1 Year Olds - Teething Toys & Play Toys

Best Gifts for 1 Year Olds - Teething Toys & Play Toys

Ah 1 year olds! Such a sweet stage. They're not a baby anymore, and they're not quite a toddler. Let's call them tabbys (toddler/babies). 

I have a 14 month old myself, so she's my best source of data! (See picture below of the sweetest, spit-fire, mullet-rocking tabby around) 

Best Montessori gifts for 1 year olds

Driving Toys

Beep! Beep! A top favorite for my kids! It's something about the wheels that they love. 

Wooden Cars - Waldorf Inspired Wood Cars

Wooden Cars - Toys for 1 year olds

The yellow bus is great for 1 year olds because of the handle! And the teal truck is always a fast favorite with toddlers. 

Wooden Teal Truck Toy For Baby

My daughter loves to put the peg people in and out of the convertibles, but the peg people in the convertible measure under 3 inches, so they are a choking hazard! 

Wooden toy car for kids

Wheelie Animals

I mean what more could kids want? It's an animal. On wheels.  

Wooden Toy For Baby - 1 year old best toys

Get the set of 5 for $30 (at $6 each, that's quite the deal!) 

Or for only $20 buy your baby the whole animal gift set that includes a wheelie animal, a rattle, and a teether! 

Animal gift set gift baby 1 year old christmas

Bear, Kitty, Lion, Seal, Bunny

Shake Rattle & Roll Toys

Peg Friends

Peg Dolls Grimm's Toys for 1 year olds

My girl's favorite! 

These are my girl's favorite types of toys. Toys she can pick up and hit on the table or ground. She delights herself with the sounds she makes.   

Her favorite activities with them include: grabbing as many as she can, putting them in a backpack, smacking them loudly on a table, and (obvi) throwing them.

They come in rainbow, pastel, or natural (unpainted but finished with a clear shiny child-safe top coat) 

Silicone Shapes

These shapes are another way your baby can explore with toys that are 100% safe to chew! 

Rainbow Hand Kite

Colorful ribbons on a smooth bamboo ring. Babies love the bright colors and love to grasp and shake them around! 

Teething Toys & Rattles

At this age they're still teething AND getting *all* the molars. Sigh. Teething is hard. Molar teething is a seemingly never-ending sleepless journey. It takes forever and it's painful for our tiny humans. 

Here are a few of my favorite teethers. Pro-tip: Put them in the freezer for extra relief. 

Bunny Teether 

Rattle Teethers

Most of our favorite teethers, double as rattles. Babies love the sound the wood makes as it hits together. And they are oh-so pretty. 

wooden teethers for babies - gifts for 1 year olds

Silicone Rattles

Silicone Teething Rattle Modern Baby Teether

Silicone rattles are a great option for kids that are teething because you put them in the freezer and they get really cold for added soothing. Plus, babies like to rattle the silicone rings together. 

They also come in pearl for that fancy baby in your life! 

Silicone Teethers

Now, for the super fun teether. I mean look at all these cute animals and shapes! 

Several of them can be ordered with a matching pacifier clip! 

Modern Silicone Teethers